Why I work in UX


I started an MSc in UX Design as I am interested in the digital tools we select to be core to our lives and want to understand why users swear by a certain set of tools and apps and discard others?

What I value as a UX Designer

My studies have encouraged reading around the subject and I have become increasingly aware of what sort of UX professional I want to be. The values I uphold are simplicity, design for all, and quiet efficiency.

The values I uphold are simplicity, design for all, and quiet efficiency.


Turning complex systems or a knotted user journey into, at most, a beautiful experience and at the very least a transaction or experience so efficient that you don’t notice you have completed something mammoth with such ease.

Design for all

Accessibility can be a vast area that encompasses so many factors:  hardware, software, bandwidth, ability,  for are those that function in that space we call inaccessible their reality often means finding workarounds to interact My method of UX looks to ensure that inclusivity is a core part of my process and accessibility is not an after-thought or phase 2 of a project.
I am also interested in championing the marginalised areas of society.  I do not shy away from topics that can be difficult to talk about, or overlooked by the mainstream.

Quiet efficiency

In my career to date, I have grappled with the internet of things, immersive technology, voice, artificial intelligence and I am thankful for my studies for giving me a breadth of knowledge in these exciting areas. However, some of my proudest work has not involved future tech, shiny new apps with bells and whistles, or technology that requires the purchase of expensive hardware.

My work has included UX writing; rewriting horribly complicated wordy web pages of content, incomprehensible systems, and error messages –  I once migrated and redesigned 15 local government forms.

This work is part of a legacy that makes me proud to contribute to the well-being of people everyday lives – it is the creation of a sublime user experience in something that was once over-complicated and that brings an immense amount of professional satisfaction and a sense of making things better for people’s lives today.

so, What next?

So here we are – on my website.

The aim of this site is to bring you with me on the end-to-end journey of researching and prototyping an app and submitting it for seed funding as a start-up.

By eveemedia@gmail.com

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